Android-based Barnes & Noble Nook “Color” coming as early as next week? Possibly to Walmart?

Posted on Oct 21st, 2010 by Chad Catacchio

CNET is reporting that a reliable source has tipped it that next week Barnes & Noble will release a full color, 7″ touchscreen, Android-powered Nook for $249.

If this is true, then Barnes & Noble many have made a very smart move, especially if the device is easy on the eyes. If so, then the major bookseller will have a device that fits right in-between the iPad and the Kindle, is color and has Android. Going by the quality of the first edition Nook (which the source says B&N will continue to sell), quality probably won’t be an issue as the first edition was a well-done, very sold product.

So what would this mean for the ereader market overall? READ MORE

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