My time at TechMentor 2012 – Part 2

Now that was a pretty full day and beautiful weather.

Showered and hit Tully’s coffee for a iced cafe latte. They beat Starbucks, that was a good latte. There is good coffee everywhere here. On the bus at 7:00 for the trip to TechMentor on Microsoft’s Campus. Had a good breakfast and then settled in at 9:00 for a full-day workshop J. Peter Bruzzese’s SharePoint in a Day: For the Non-SharePoint IT Pro. J. Peter did a great job presenting an overview of SharePoint’s many functions and explained how different parts of SharePoint come together for file collaboration.

We took a lunch break at 11:45 and went to Microsoft’s Mixer. The Mixer is a place where you can eat just about anything, bank, get a phone, buy a bike and watch a ton of Microsoft employees scurry around for lunch. If you work there you would have a hard time not finding what you needed within walking distance and all on Microsoft’s grounds. Surrounding the Mixer are assorted restaurants, buildings and also the Microsoft Employee Store. The store is full of things from Gears of War 3 and Halo action figures to tons of Microsoft products, software and hardware. Over to the side of the store was a walk-through center of devices like an xbox 360 and kinect gaming centers, tablets, phones and the original Microsoft surface table.

After lunch we went back to the campus for the 2nd part of the workshop that lasted until 5:30. J. Peter crammed a lot of information in the next few hours and I am ready to start getting some development time in a testing environment for SharePoint to see what I can accomplish with it. off to the buses for the ride back to the hotel.

I met up with Carl again for dinner and we went walking for a few blocks to hit a sushi place. Got back and I hit the hotel room for a shower and shave and to lay back and relax my noggin.

Tomorrow will be shorter sessions on a wide variety of subjects and I am ready to get to it.