My time at TechMentor 2012 – Part 3

Mark Russinovich and Mark Minsai Presenting the Keynote at TechMentor 2012

TechMentor Day 1, Microsoft TechNet Day: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The opening Keynote: Windows Azure Internals: A Look at How Windows Azure Operates Under the Hood was presented by Mark Russinovich and Mark Minasi. These two are very well know in the IT community as authors and speakers on a ton of different Microsoft topics.I have read books by both. Minasi’s Window Server books dating back to NT 4.0 has save me some headaches and I went on a thrill ride with Russinovich’s Zero Hour as well as reading his tech related works.

This was one of the better keynotes I have been to and Russinovich  showed some of what Azure could do and got me thinking of ways to use in my environment. Minasi was as comical as ever and acted more as a moderator. There was some good banter and light hearted jabs and the two had a good chemistry on stage. Great Keynote and this is the style we need more of.

After the Keynote I attended Ashley McGlone’s PowerShell v3 and it was really cool seeing some of the changes in PowerShell. This session could have kept going and I would have been happy! Plus I got to see a pic of Ed and Teresa Wilson very briefly on screen which made me happy since they were unable to attend. Good people!

There is more but I can’t wait to get to the best part of the day……dinner with Tim Duggan, J. Peter Bruzzese, John Duggan from These guys took me to the best dinner I have ever had in my life! We ate at Daniel’s Broiler and I had an amazing view of Seattle at night. I had the most flavorful rib eye ever, the best tasting clam chowder (and I have ate various clam chowders in my years) and to top it off – Key Lime Pie. The Key Lime Pie beat out the ones in Orlando I had. Simply amazing food and company. We had a great conversation about family, finance, tech and more. There are genuinely good guys that are a big part of a great training company. Thank you guys, I will forever pair great food/conversation with ClipTraining. I sincerely can’t thank them enough for being great gentlemen of the industry.