The List of Companies Affected by the Epsilon Breach Grows and Grows and Grows

Best Buy. J.P. Morgan Chase. Citibank. Walgreens. Disney. Barclay’s Bank. U.S. Bancorp. Marriott. Ritz Carlton. L.L. Bean. Home Shopping Network. TiVo.

If you’ve ever given your email address to any of the companies named above, then you’re probably among those who received a warning message today saying that your name and email address had been compromised as the result of an attack by an unknown party on the database of Epsilon, an email marketing firm owned by Alliance Data Systems.

As I write this, I’m continuing to hear from people I know who are feeding me live updates on the companies, all of them apparently Epsilon clients, who are notifying their customers that their information has been taken. As of noon PT, people I know are saying they’ve received notifications from Hilton Hotels and Ethan Allen.

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